Manage your email addresses

Choose which email addresses you use to do things like sign in to your Google Account, get back into your account if you lose access, and get information from Google.

Google Account email

This is the main email address for your Google Account. It's set as your primary email when you create a Google Account, but you can choose a different primary email if you like.

To change your Google Account email:

  1. In your Google Account, open the Personal info tab.
  2. Under "Contact info," select Email and then Google Account email.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.

Other email addresses

Recovery email

Add a recovery email address to get back into your account quickly and securely if you forget your password or get locked out.

  1. Open your Google Account.
  2. Under "Personal info," select Your personal info and then Email.
  3. Click Recovery email and then Add a recovery email.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Learn more about account recovery options.

Contact email

Google notifies you at your contact email address when there is important information that you need to know about your Google Account or the products you use, such as YouTube. By default, Google uses your Google Account email for contacting you unless you add a contact email.

This email address can be from any email provider, but it should be one you check frequently.

  1. In your Google Account, open the Personal info tab.
  2. Under "Contact info," select Email.
  3. Under "Contact email," click the and then icon.
  4. Select Add other email and then Add your contact email address.
  5. Check your inbox for your verification email and open it.
  6. Click Verify contact email.

Important: Some Google products still use your Google Account email even if you add a contact email.

Alternate emails

You can add a non-Gmail email address to your account and use it to sign in, recover your password, and more.

  1. In your Google Account, open the Personal info tab.
  2. Under "Contact info," select Email.
  3. Under "Alternate emails," click Add alternate email.
  4. Enter an email address you own and select Add.

Learn more about alternate emails and how they're used.

About me emails

These email addresses are from your "About me" page. You can control who sees these email addresses across Google products like Drive, Photos, and Google+.

  1. Open the About me section of your Google Account.
  2. Under "Contact info," select existing email or Add contact info.
  3. To add a new email, select Add email.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Below your email address, right after “Choose who can see your email," select either Only you or Anyone for displaying your email. You can also edit or remove your email address.

Learn more about controlling what others see about you across Google products.

When we'll send you emails

We'll use your email address to communicate with you in certain situations. For example, we'll email you when we need to:

  • Help you access your account when you can't sign in or forget your password.
  • Send you important security-related information about your account, like when there's unusual activity with your email address.
  • Send you updates about your account, like when you're running out of storage space or when we've made a policy change.
  • Deliver a receipt for your Play Store purchase.
  • Send you updates about Google products and services that you've asked to receive.

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