Less Red Paint, More RedTube: RedTube Offers to Fund the Cleanup of Denmark’s “Little Mermaid” Statue

Leading Adult Website Takes Action to Restore the Little Mermaid to its Erect and Glistening Self

LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2017—Despite being its favorite color, leading free adult website RedTube has offered to fund the repair of Denmark’s famed Little Mermaid statue after it was doused with red paint earlier today. The statue was reportedly vandalized in protest of the hunting of pilot whales in the area. While RedTube expressed its support for the whales (and is a major advocate for many animals), the site is also a firm believer in statues remaining erect and clean.

“At RedTube, we love animals, mermaids, and the color red. However, just because red is our signature shade, it does not mean we condone the literal painting of the town with it,” said Alex Taylor, vice president at RedTube. “That being said, we also completely understand and respect the sentiment being expressed here.”

In fact, RedTube has a strong track record for supporting animals and wildlife. Its “Thank Dogs for Doggy Style” initiative recently raised ample funds toward the rescue of homeless dogs.

“Now that the statement has been made, we would simply like to ensure that the Little Mermaid gets the cleanup she deserves,” said Taylor.

The Little Mermaid is no virgin to vandalism, having been the target of several attacks over the years. However, thanks to the support of RedTube, the statue, which is a popular tourist destination, will likely return to its erect and glistening self in no time.

About RedTube:
RedTube is a premier adult video sharing platform. Founded in 2007, it is one of the leading online destinations for people seeking free, streaming adult videos. RedTube hosts a vast archive of over 1 million pornographic videos and receives over 20 million visitors a day. More than just videos, the website also hosts hundreds of thousands of photos and features a social media platform that boasts a thriving community of over 3 million registered users.

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